At Kids First Pediatrics, recognize that establishing and building a strong relationship with you and your family is just as important as providing a child-friendly environment and excellent pediatric care. We also make parent and patient education a priority, helping to explain and recommend the types of full-service care that will benefit your children the most.

We understand the importance of providing care to children as they develop. Our pediatric care covers a variety of age groups, from newborns to teenagers and young adults, to deliver a familiar service and experience for years to come. Apart from general pediatric care, we also provide more specific checkups and services. Kid’s 1st Pediatrics performs well-baby checkups, male circumcisions, children immunizations, and school physicals for toddlers and K-12 children.

Many mothers and fathers alike, including first-time and still-expecting parents, can depend on the first-rate quality of care and attention that they receive from our doctor and accommodating staff.

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We provide the following services

Well-Baby Care

Preventative care for your baby, including vaccinations


Years of experience with circumcision procedures


Immunizations and vaccinations against common diseases

School Physicals

Complete physicals from elementary to college age

Newborn and Toddler Pediatric Care

Experienced care and support during early developmental years

School Age and Teenage Pediatric Care

Providing expert care up until adulthood


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