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It may be surprising to you that pediatricians also provide health care services to teenagers. Although your child may be nearly the size of an adult, he or she still requires specialized care for unique medical needs as well as mental or emotional concerns that may afflict this age group. Kid’s 1st Pediatrics provides complete health services for teenagers from the ages of 13 to 18.

During the teenage years, your child is rapidly growing and changing. Hormones begin raging through the body, bringing about many physical changes that also produce significant emotional side effects for some teenagers. For some, these years are difficult because they feel conflicted about changes in their bodies and in their lives. Kid’s 1st Pediatrics can help your teenager chart these confusing waters and can also help you get through this sometimes turbulent period yourself. With the right medical and emotional help, your teenager can grow into a healthy and happy adult with ease and grace while also learning many healthy habits that will serve him or her well in adulthood.

Kid’s 1st Pediatrics provides routine annual physicals for teenagers and also provides care for acute and chronic health care needs.

These include the following:

  • ADD and ADHD treatments
  • Dermatological treatments for acne
  • Regular immunizations as recommended by the CDC
  • High school, college, job, and sports physicals
  • Treatments for sprains, strains, concussions and other sports injuries

In addition, the teenage years often become times for rebellion or for trying out new things. Kid’s 1st Pediatrics can help if you are concerned that your teenager is using alcohol, drugs or tobacco or is misusing prescription drugs. She provides complete screenings in a compassionate and secure environment. When needed, she can also refer you and your child to a treatment center for more help.

Finally, Kid’s 1st Pediatrics can help your teenager understand his or her emotions. Whether your child is feeling depressed or anxious, is struggling with an eating disorder or does not know where to turn for help with bullying, our pediatricians can provide a listening ear, educational resources, and referrals when necessary to help your child through these difficult times. Medical referrals are possible for birth control, STDs and prenatal care if necessary.

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