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We understand the importance of providing care to children as they develop. Our pediatric care covers a variety of age groups, from newborns to teenagers and young adults, to deliver a familiar service and experience for years to come. For more information, check out the links below or contact us.

Bringing home a newborn is both exciting and stressful. While this is a turning point in your family’s life, it can also be an incredibly new and awkward time if this is your first baby. You may feel as if you do not know what to do, or you may find yourself with many questions that require professional advice. Kid’s 1st Pediatrics is the right place to ask because we will take the time to listen to your concerns and give you the most up-to-date information currently available. She will also help you understand what is normal for newborn growth and development and will get your baby started with necessary vaccinations.

The toddler years bring great changes as your child is suddenly on the move and is developing a personality of his or her own. Your toddler is curious and wants to discover everything he or she can about the world. You may find yourself with even more questions about how to deal with the medical and developmental challenges of these years. Kid’s 1st Pediatrics has helped numerous parents of toddlers with regular checkups and developmental assessments. She can also provide daycare or preschool physicals.

Even though the school-age years may not bring quite as many changes to your child’s body as the newborn and toddler years did, your child still needs yearly medical checkups as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Kid’s 1st Pediatrics will provide complete physicals and will also chat with you and your child about any emotional, social or developmental concerns that you have.

Pediatric care also covers the tumultuous teenage years. Although your child is now looking more like an adult than ever, he or she still needs specialized health care to deal with unique physical and emotional needs. Your child is rapidly changing, having gone through puberty, and is now experiencing rapid hormonal fluctuations that may be producing mood swings and major physical changes. Kid’s 1st Pediatrics can help you and your teenager get through these years gracefully so that your child can develop into a healthy, happy adult. Regular medical care during this period can also help your teenager develop healthy habits that he or she can take into adulthood.

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