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Your school-age child is going through exciting changes. He or she is becoming more confident, learning new things nearly every day and making new friends. You may feel fairly confident in how you care for your child’s health throughout this time because your child may not suffer from much more than a few sniffles every year.

However, it is still important that your child aged 4 to 12 have an annual well-child checkup even if he or she appears healthy. This checkup will give the doctor time to discuss things that you should be looking for in the growth and development of your child and to answer any questions that you may have. This is also an important opportunity for your child to become used to regular doctor appointments, making this into a habit that will continue the rest of his or her life.

Our pediatricians are board-certified and can help you with both well-child care for your healthy school-age child as well as urgent care for acute illnesses. If your child suddenly becomes ill or develops new, concerning symptoms, you want a doctor you can trust for guidance and up-to-date treatments. She can also give you information about healthy nutrition, sleep, socialization, and body development at this age.

In addition, Kid’s 1st Pediatrics provides the following medical services and acute and chronic health treatments.

  • Regular immunizations
  • Nutritional tips
  • School and camp physicals
  • Allergy and asthma treatments
  • Treatments for upper and lower respiratory infections
  • Attention deficit disorder treatments
  • Autism management
  • Developmental delay management
  • Treatments for digestive concerns, including irregular bowel function and chronic stomachaches
  • Childhood obesity treatments and nutritional adjustments
  • Dermatological treatments
  • Treatments for sprains and strains
  • Treatments for concussions and other sports injuries

Be sure to bring in your child every year for complete checkups, and contact our office for additional appointments as needed for acute and chronic medical concerns.


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