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As your child heads from the baby stage into toddlerhood, you may be filled with questions about his or her developmental changes. Your toddler has suddenly developed a distinct personality and has probably become very curious. You are most likely also curious about what you can expect during these few short years. Kid’s 1st Pediatrics is here to help you during this time whether this is your first-born child or you have already had several other children pass through the toddler phase. No matter how much time you have spent with toddlers, you are still bound to have questions. Our pediatricians are here to set your mind at ease. We have treated all types of toddler concerns and is also experienced in providing well-child assessments for this age group. We can help with physicals for daycare and preschool as well.

Kid’s 1st Pediatrics will answer all of your most pressing questions, including why your child has developed certain symptoms, what developmental changes you should be seeing throughout the toddler years and how to get your newly picky eater to receive complete nutrition. She will also provide an excellent education at each checkup so that you know how to respond to sleep issues, social or emotional concerns, and home safety issues. In addition, she will recommend the right vaccinations so that your child is protected from common and dangerous childhood illnesses.

She is excited to get to know your little one and to help you as you manage your young family’s health.


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