Summer Routines for Children | Apple Valley Kid's 1st Pediatrics
Now that summer is in full swing, you may be wondering how you are going to deal with having your children home with you for the next two to three months. What seemed like a great way to bond and to enjoy family fun may now seem like an overwhelming
Healthy Sleep Habits for Children | Apple Valley Kid's 1st Pediatrics
Sleep is incredibly important for people of all ages but is especially vital for children who need sleep to grow and stay healthy. In infancy, children spend more time asleep than they do awake, but this changes by the age of two. Still, sleep remains incredibly important, and children of
All About the Measles Virus | Apple Valley Kid's 1st Pediatrics
With the recent news about the spread of measles in 22 states, parents may be worried about how this virus could affect them and their little ones. It is important that parents have the facts about measles and about the options for preventing this disease so that they can make