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Many parents believe that Victorville pediatric care is only for infants, toddlers, or very young elementary school children. However, quality pediatric care actually extends well into adolescence as teenagers still require specialized care for their not yet fully matured body systems. Pediatric care provides teenagers with safe spaces to share their concerns about their changing bodies and to ask health care questions that will prove to be quite important as they head into adulthood.

A pediatric specialist is well-prepared to care for children and teenagers of all ages. A pediatrician has not only received basic medical training but has also gone through extra training with a pediatric focus. Therefore, parents of teenagers can trust that their children’s care will be of the highest quality. Although family practice and internal medicine physicians also care for teenagers, pediatricians are more highly attuned to the needs of this age group as well as to the most common diagnoses and symptoms that affect teenagers.

Your Victorville pediatrician will be able to provide many types of health care services to adolescents at Kids 1st Pediatrics. Services can include the following:

  • Care for acute illnesses
  • Care for chronic diseases
  • Physical examinations for school or college entrance requirements or for sports programs
  • Help for issues with growth or development
  • Reproductive health care
  • General health care education
  • Help for learning disabilities or school issues
  • Help for eating disorders
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Drug and alcohol counseling
  • Dermatological care

Because your Victorville pediatrician is highly attuned to the problems that afflict this age group, she has the knowledge and skills to deal with a variety of issues, including general health care and mental health counseling. When problems do go beyond her range of practice, she will be able to recommend a specialist who can provide in-depth care.

Not only do adolescents have unique health care challenges and needs, but also they often struggle to communicate the concerns that they have about their health. They may feel confused about the changes happening within their bodies. They may even be having trouble at home or with school friends that they do not know how to communicate. A pediatrician in Victorville can be a trusted resource to provide quality information, a listening ear, and the physical and psychological help that your teenager needs to feel his best. Contact Kids 1st Pediatrics today to schedule an appointment for your teenager with our pediatricians.