The Relationship between Sleep and Weight | Apple Valley Kid's 1st Pediatrics
You certainly know how important high-quality sleep is for your child. After all, you have probably experienced an incredibly crabby toddler who missed his nap or a cranky teenager who only got a few hours of sleep before a big day of classes and tests. While sleep certainly affects a
Tips for Dealing with Bee Stings on Children | Apple Valley Kid's 1st Pediatrics
Bumblebees may look cute in pictures, but what your child may not yet know is that they can inflict painful wounds. Children may be stung by bees because they get too close to them, because they are unaware that bees are nearby or because they react in fright when a
Air Quality and Asthma | Apple Valley Kid's 1st Pediatrics

July 13, 2019

Air Quality and Asthma

According to the American Lung Association, asthma is the most common condition that chronically affects children in the U.S. These children often experience flareups, which could occur from nearly anything, including allergens, chemicals, stress, excitement, and exercise. In the summer, one of the most concerning triggers that parents should be
How Concerned Should You Be about Mosquito Bites? | Apple Valley Kid's 1st Pediatrics
Now that summer is in full swing, you may notice your children coming back indoors with mosquito bite welts on their arms and legs. Although you probably grew up suffering through the same dilemma thanks to your hours of summer play outside, you have probably heard of the variety of
Are Allergies Keeping Your Children Indoors? | Apple Valley Kid's 1st Pediatrics
Seasonal allergies afflict numerous adults every year, but they are less expected when they hit your children. However, it is estimated that one in four children suffers from allergies today. Perhaps you are the parent of a child who spends most of each summer sneezing, rubbing his eyes or dealing