Summer Routines for Children

Now that summer is in full swing, you may be wondering how you are going to deal with having your children home with you for the next two to three months. What seemed like a great way to bond and to enjoy family fun may now seem like an overwhelming task of keeping your children happy and busy when it seems as if they have nothing to do. The benefit of the school months is that children have routines that they follow at least five days each week. They go to bed and wake up at the same time. Meals are normally at the same time, and extracurriculars usually happen on a schedule.

Summer Activities and Routines

During the summer, most of these activities are on a break. While children can certainly benefit from a little downtime that gives them a chance to use their imaginations and engage in social play, they may not benefit from the lack of routine in their lives. Therefore, it is up to you to build the right amount routine to give your children the security and self-control they need.

  • Create new sleep times. While your bedtimes and wake-up times may be different than they were during the school year, they should still be regular.
  • Create time for your children to be by themselves. Playtime is important, but children still need time to be quiet and to think. This gives them time to let their imaginations run free.
  • Create new weekly activities. Perhaps you can go to the library or the park on a certain day each week. The good news for you is that you may now be able to add in more regular weekly chores for your children to help you out around the house.
  • Create time for learning. Depending on your child, you may be able to keep up their learning with bookwork from a simple textbook. However, learning can happen outdoors, in the kitchen, in the garage, or nearly anywhere you go.

The benefits of routines for children cannot be overstated. Young children, in particular, feel much safer and more secure with a routine. Children do not have to fear the unknown when they know exactly what to expect. Routines also aid in creating a calmer household, giving children self-confidence, building healthy habits, bringing siblings and parents together, helping children look forward to favorite activities, and creating realistic expectations for everyone.