What to Watch Out for in Warmer Weather

Not only is the weather beginning to change, but more people are starting to get out and about as vaccination levels rise. This means for this first time in quite a while, many kids will get a chance to go out and play. Before you allow your child to do so, though, you’ll want to take a few basic warm weather precautions.

Staying Safe During Outdoors Activities

The first step to take is always sun protection. Even if it’s not hot, the threat of sunburn and resulting skin conditions is very real. As such, it’s important to not only make sure that you protect your child by applying sunscreen as advised by the product’s directions, but also to ensure that your child is wearing proper clothing and a hat to reduce the amount of his or her skin that’s exposed to the sun.

It’s also very important that your child remains hydrated. Fortunately, this can be as simple as ensuring that you bring a water bottle with you to the park or playground and that your child takes regular breaks to drink. Remember, the harder your child plays, the more he or she is going to need, so don’t be afraid to bring backup water.

Finally, make sure that you give your child frequent breaks from playing outside when the weather finally starts to get hot. Playing outside is fantastic for your child, of course, but heatstroke is still a very real possibility for even the most outdoor-oriented of children. If your child is starting to get lethargic or slowing down, it might be a good time to come in and have a break.

While you should definitely take precautions, you should also remember to enjoy the sunny weather with your child. Not only is taking the time to get out and exercise good for your health, but it’s also a great chance for you to bond with your child. Take the same precautions, of course, but make sure to have fun while the pleasant weather is here.