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When taking your child to a new pediatrician, it never hurts to ensure you are fully prepared for the first appointment. You want to ensure it goes smoothly for everyone, especially your child.

Whether you are helping your child get through their first appointment or making sure you have everything you need, the following tips can help you prepare for your child’s first appointment with their new pediatrician.

Transfer Their Medical Records

Start by finding out what you need to do to transfer their medical records to the new office. You may be able to download and print them out using the patient portal of their previous pediatrician. Otherwise, you can always obtain a copy in person. It is easier for their new pediatrician to view your child’s medical history when they have a copy of their medical records.

Fill Out The Necessary Paperwork

You may need to fill out paperwork when moving to a new office. The paperwork may include your contact information, family’s medical history, and recent vaccinations. You may be able to download a packet instead of filling it out at the office, which can save you a lot of time and stress.

Talk To Your Child

It is not uncommon for your child to feel nervous before their appointment with a new pediatrician. When discussing the appointment, be sure to listen and reassure your child. They need to know their feelings are valid and that you are keeping them safe. If possible, find out if you and your child can tour the office in advance.

Bring A Comfort Item

You should also allow your child to bring a comfort item to their appointment. This may include their favorite toy or book. What seems like a simple item to you may help them to feel safe and secure. Their new pediatrician may even mention the comfort item as a way to break the ice with your child.

Check-In For The Appointment Online

There is a good chance the office is going to allow you to check-in for the appointment through the patient portal or text message. It is best to take the opportunity to check in early if it is presented to you. This way, you can save time on the day of the appointment because you have already taken care of this step.

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