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Many children are picky eaters as they often seem to have more sensitive tastebuds than many adults do. As your children grow, you may very well find that they become less picky over time and that they are more willing to try new cuisines, unique condiments, and different fruits and vegetables. Until that time, here are some tips for getting your picky child the nutrition that he needs.

  1. Be a Good Role Model

It may seem obvious, but your child will not be motivated to try different foods if you display the same sort of pickiness. Show your child firsthand how tasty it is to try new foods and flavors.

  1. Schedule Regular Meals and Snacks

When your child is overly hungry or thirsty, he is not motivated to eat healthy foods. Sticking to a routine will keep your child from filling up on processed, sugary treats.

  1. Stay Away From Pressure, Threats, and Rewards

Although these options may work initially, they eventually lose their effectiveness as your child no longer wants to eat anything without being rewarded. This teaches independence and healthy, lifelong eating habits.

  1. Try One New Thing at a Time

Instead of serving a meal filled with new foods, offer mainly foods that you know your child will enjoy along with one new food to try to limit overwhelming sensations.

  1. Let Your Child Take Only One Bite

Tell your child that he only has to take one bite of a new food. If your child does not like the food, try it again in a few weeks.

  1. Listen to Your Child’s Appetite

Trust that your child knows when he is hungry, thirsty, or full.

Keep in mind that it is best to make mealtimes family times. Instead of serving your child a different meal from the rest of his family members, remember that you are the one who chooses what foods and drinks are put out on the table. It is your child’s job to decide whether he will eat and how much food will be cleaned up on his plate. Over time, you will find these picky eating habits falling by the wayside as you follow these tips. If you have any concerns about your child’s health, growth or development, do not hesitate to contact a trusted provider at Kids 1st Pediatrics today.