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One of the most commonly asked questions by any child going to the doctor is whether or not he or she will get a shot. Though as adults we all know that properly administered shots really don’t hurt, many children have at least a mild phobia of getting shots even if they’ve successfully gotten them in the past. As a parent, it’s often good to have a basic strategy to help your child deal with this fear on the way to his or her next doctor’s appointment.

Effectively Explaining Shots to Your Child

It’s never a good idea to lie to your child about whether or not he or she will get a shot at a doctor’s appointment. If you know that he or she will get a shot, tell him or her. If not, be honest and say that you don’t know whether or not a shot will be given. While this might not necessarily assuage your child’s fears, it will help you to build a better bond of trust. This will help lessen your child’s fears of future doctor’s appointments.

It’s likewise vital not to build up a shot as anything more than a standard procedure. Never use it as a threat to scare a child, and never try to downplay what’s going on. If your child asks you whether or not a shot will hurt, be honest – compare it to other mild discomforts that your child has experienced and make sure that he or she knows that the pain will be brief.

Finally, make sure that you praise your child after the shot has been given. Don’t focus on what he or she might have done wrong, but rather on the fact that he or she made it through. Your child will be much more likely to remember how you responded to him or her getting a shot than he or she will be to remember getting the shot in the first place.


Almost every child has at least some fear of needles. While it may be tempting to put off shots so that your child stays happy, you could do that at the cost of your child’s health. It is important for long-term well-being that your child stays up-to-date on the vaccination schedule, as recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Here are a few ways to get through this process with the fewest tears.

Be Honest

It can be tempting to lie to your child before the appointment so that you do not have to be the one to tell him that he will be receiving shots. However, this method only leads to distrust over time. Be honest about what is going to happen and about what you can do to make the process better.

Bring a Distraction

Very young children respond very well to such distractions as stuffed animals, stickers and suckers during their shots. However, even an older child may like to page through a book or watch a short video to take his mind off the experience.

Give a Comforting Touch

If possible, keep your child in your lap for the shots. You can even be the one to help hold your child’s leg or arm in place while giving a warm hug.

Stay Calm

Above all, remember that your child will mirror the emotion that he feels coming from you. If he feels that you are nervous about the situation, he will be too. However, if he recognizes that you do not see this as a big deal, he will not feel as concerned.

While shots are never going to be something that your child looks forward to, you can take much of the fear out of the situation with these calming tactics. Your child ultimately wants to know that he will be safe no matter what happens and that you will be there for him. In addition, he may appreciate getting to do something special with you following his shots, such as going out for an ice cream cone or having a game night.

At Kids 1st Pediatrics, we put the health and happiness of our littlest patients first. You can rest assured that we will always keep vaccinations as pain-free and pleasant as possible. Contact our clinic today to schedule an appointment for your child.